The Blogging Experience

As a student, the last thing that many of us want to do are write out assignments and type lengthy term papers. However, in the time since I’ve had to upkeep this blog for the semester, I have learned that blogging about something related to your own interests is not the same feeling as writing an assigned paper. As difficult as it was to post, it was still a good chance to write about something related to things that younger people are interested in outside of class.

The same could be said for one Northeastern freshman who spends a lot of time on her studies, but even more time blogging. Samantha Sugarman, 18, used her adventures abroad to stay connected through her blog, Adventures of a Sugarwoman. Originally born in California, she moved to Hong Kong and began to write her adventures for friends back in California. “When I go places, I always think to take a quick photo because I think it might be a good experience to show people in California,” she says.

Her out takes of life’s simple moments have also allowed her to make friends in Hong Kong and here in Boston. “I’ve actually made quite a few friends through it which is really nice. People would come up to me in Hong Kong and they’d say ‘Oh my gosh, you’re the sugar woman aren’t you?’ and I’m like, ‘That’s me!’ She continues with, “So it’s nice to have a little fan base and I make friends through the people that read my blog.”

In social terms, keeping a blog that attracts readers with similar interests allow for connectivity between like minds. It lets us know that there are people out there with similar ideas. In a college setting, it also gives writers a unique advantage to have published work over time and show progression. Junior, Kasey Alfonso is not a blogger, but reads a lot of blogs and agrees that having an online portfolio of posts allows employers to see not only what you are interested in, but also how you can effectively communicate your ideas. She says, “It’s good for resume building and also great to have a physical representation of all of your written work.”

As good as it might be, it is no secret that constantly posting, editing and uploading photos is time consuming. Sugarman is a sister of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and is also on the power lifting team here at Northeastern University, but she finds a way to balance these activities and writing. “I often use an event related to what I am doing for people who are interested in university life and the things I come across.”

With the success of her blog, she also stresses that keeping readers connected is important by keeping several pages where people can access the blog. Sugarman keeps a Facebook blog fan page separate from her personal page so readers can see all of the things on Adventures of a Sugarwoman. By also keeping a Bloglovin’ account and Instagram, followers can also get alerts every time she updates the blog.

Knowing small tips like these can also help another person looking to start a blog. With a market of young adults who surf the web constantly looking for things that interests them, it is bound to happen that someone could bump into your space where you express your ideas and thoughts. What were Sugarman’s biggest personal gains? According to her, a breath of experiences and a place where she can capture moments in time and record them for herself and others. “Having a blog has made me capture my experiences and record relatively soon after I experience that event. To truly capture how I was feeling and what went on, and then after I looks back on it in time, I have a more accurate recollection of what went on.”

Along with this post is my sit down with Samantha Sugarman. Take a look at what she has to say about keeping a blog. And also take a look at the cool gallery below of all of her adventures.

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Other Places To Look

Being a new blogger, I look to a lot of other blogs that I have come across on my internet searches for some inspiration. One of the blogs that I have come to really like following is The Modern Socialites because of their new spin on ideas for their readers. Not all of their posts about being glamorous and gorgeous, but rather how to be fierce and punchy. With lots of photos for examples, reading the posts exposes you to something new to think about. However, what I think could be better is a set by set process on how to execute these looks, especially with posts about beauty. If someone is already not-so-great at applying makeup, achieving a fierce and edgy look might be challenging without any steps.

Another thing that I would like are an even amount of posts across the board. There are a number of people who write for the blog, which can be difficult, but there are some sections that are more developed than others. For example, the Tech page, has two very in depth articles about new phones which were being released. Both posts are lengthy, well explained and are accompanied by visuals. As spot on as that is in modern journalism, there are only two posts. However, there is another section in beauty where there are a multitude of posts, but may not be as thoroughly developed. So, I’m sure it would gain more speed, if there was a a consistency in updating posts.

One page to compare it to is The Juniverse, which focuses solely on beauty and style. Although there are only two common topics, each one is dived into thoroughly with each post. All posts give great visuals and examples to try out at home with plenty of options for the reader. For this page, I would like to see more variety in topics, but for the topics they do cover, it is well done.

These are just two blogs that I take a look a. Feel free to comment if there’s more that you think I should check out!

Happy shopping!

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THANKSGIVINGGGGG ! check out my stats

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Words In ACTION!

I recently got to spend time on campus covering poetry slam at Northeastern University last week. While this post has nothing to do with fashion or looks or trends, it was a fun experience nonetheless. Take a look at the coverage!

P.S. I personally believe that everyone should find a means to express themselves. The performers that night all spoke about something that was close to them and had the courage to present it to an audience. Kudos to the participants!

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Shopping Smart

Daily we are bombarded with emails from our favorite stores regarding new arrivals, promotions, big sales and more. Don’t be fooled! These emails are carefully planned out to make you say, “Well, maybe I should check it out”. In reality, you don’t. 

So here’s my tip for today, know what you need versus what you want. If it is getting cold out and you need a coat, then you can see what stores are having sales for coats. When you do make it to the store, have a budget. If there is a specific amount, stick to it. If you have to give or take a few dollars for a new coat that you need, it is worth it in my opinion. However, going in to find a coat and you end up with sale items that were put on sale from the summer collection is not worth it. 


Happy shopping!

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Ordering Online… The Pluses and Minuses

Over the weekend, I heard of a girl who ordered a dress online. While the beginning of this blog post seems like a normal thing to do in this digital era, the story gets interesting. The dress was a gorgeous hunter green midi dress that was meant to snug fit around the curves. With a long sleeve and open back, it was the perfect dress to wear out to a club and be the envy of the party. Purchased online, the dress was valued around forty dollars. Not so bad.

But things start to take a turn. As she tries the dress on, the seam starts to undo itself around the elbow. The seam also starts to undo itself around the waist. Then the thigh. Then the shoulder. It is clear that the dress was a defective item that was sold online. This incident, although a new kind of wardrobe malfunction, brought a memory of a speaker that came to my class to speak about verification. Josh Stearns spoke to the class about the verifying process when it comes to double checking information in the field of journalism. 


So here’s a tip to online fashion buyers. VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY. Common stores such as H&M and Zara are obviously companies that produce great quality clothing. But from not-so-common boutique stores online, not all materials are created equal.

Happy Shopping!

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Quality Vs. Quantity

In the middle of Boston, lies the Downtown/Copley area, the largest traffic for Boston tourism. While Fenway holds the inhabitants of the Red Sox nation, Copley holds the key to the one-stop shop. For those of you who do not know your way around Boston streets, Copley Mall is but half of the major infrastructure. Connected to it is also the Prudential Mall. Linked by a bridge, both happen to have a number of stores to meet the needs of fashion lovers all over. However, it is in my experience, that some people shop on the relatively inexpensive side of the Prudential Mall rather than the upscale Copley Mall.  With that in mind, I decided to take a look around both sides and really pay attention to the people coming in and out and see if there was a shifting idea of quality rather than quantity. Will some people buy someScreen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.33.21 AM

thing because it’s cheap? In Copley Mall, I found stores that were completely empty in some instances. Hugo Boss, Stuart Weitzman and Louis Vuitton were but a few of the names with no traffic in stores. My next stop was inside BCBG where I saw shoppers, few, but human life nonetheless. In the midst of their new fall collection and 30% sale, I met Christina Yan, a graduate student at Northeastern University. What first led me to her was the fact that I loved her top. Mustard colored, with a navy pattern and cut out back, made it such a cute piece and it wasn’t something you saw everyday. Her take on quality vs. quantity? “I prefer to shop on line because there’s just so much more out there. I think if an item is a great quality and it looks good, it can be worth it to buy. There’s a lot of ways to wear one piece. So if you like it, go for it.”Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.34.34 AM

As much I liked this idealistic shopping tip, it didn’t seem likely that everyone could walk in a store and buy something they like on a whim. After some more browsing, I came across another woman who didn’t necessarily feel the same. Macarena Perez, a tourist coming from Mexico thinks that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. “I prefer to shop sales. Prices can definitely be a factor when I’m shopping. Nothing too high quality, nothing too low. If it’s decent price, I can buy it.”

With insight, I was still able to browse some more stores and came to the conclusion that we still have a desire to quality, but fully realize the idea that price matters. Plenty of stores exist that offer decent items that are stylish and didn’t break the bank. Take a look at the rest of my walk around town to see where the fashion heads were shopping.

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